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Cleanse Drops contains a powerful natural ingredient called "Stone Breaker" which has been studied for it's ability to help the body naturally clear the Gallbladder & Kidneys.*

Ingredients in Cleanse Drops Have Been Shown To:

Support Kidneys & Gallbladder*

100% natural herbal formula


Boost Detoxification Process*

Help cleanse the body of impurities


Fast & Effective*

Easy to take & fast acting

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease*

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Cleanse Drops is all-natural and helps cleanse the Kidneys, Gallbladder & Liver.

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Cleanse Drops is formulated in a FDA registered facility and contains the highest

quality ingredients available.

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What People Are Saying About Cleanse Drops

Featured Success Story (Submitted: 11/01/14)


"Your product works and can't thank you enough."


I was skeptical of the claims but my partner Judy saw the web advertisement and knew that I had Gallstones based on a Cat Scan which showed two (2). I suffered from pain under my rib cage and was considering surgery. Ordered two bottles, gave one to my partner to use because of the stated cleansing powers for the Gallbladder, Kidney and Liver.


Started with the 20 drops per day until my body got use to the cleanse and increased the dosage to 20 drops twice a day mixed in juice. After several weeks I increased the dosage to 30 drops twice a day in about 2 inches of water. I found that using about 2 inches of water as a delivery method was a lot more beneficial and had no taste. Wednesday evening I noticed that I had not taken my second dose of the Cleanse Drops so I proceeded to take my 30 drops in water and went to bed.


When I got up Thursday morning the first thing I did my was to  take 30 drops and water. After a small cup of coffee I felt an immediate urge in my bowel, after going to the bathroom I noticed that I had expelled 2 Gallstones. How did I know, it was foreign to what I normally excrete. (Sorry to be so descriptive but I got very excited like a kid and at 68 years I don't get excited about too many things).


2 Gallstones flushed through the bowels Customer image submitted by Nick T.*This photo contains graphic contentMy partner took an iPhone picture with me holding the stones and have attached it to this email. I am so excited that I am like a kid that wants to show and tell about the marvelous results that the Cleanse Drops did for me without surgery in the elimination of these Gallstones.


I will continue using the Cleanse Drops to act as a preventative measure and to keep cleansing i.e.. the Gallbladder, Kidneys and Liver.


Your product works and can't thank you enough. For people with issues and can't tell you enough times that you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't order the Cleanse Drops.




Nick Talias


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These success stories are from real customers. *Results may vary

Cleanse Drops Process

Cleanse Drops takes advantage of the body’s incredible ability to interact with natural substances to promote fast, effective cleansing. By giving your body exactly what it needs to expel the build up and excess waste which can cause Gallbladder & Kidney complications, the body can then do what it does best: healing and returning you to a state of rich, on-your-feet-again health.


But, Cleanse Drops is NOT a drug! It is an all-natural healing system which combines the highest concentration and purest form of Chanca Piedra a.k.a “Stone Breaker” into a proprietary four step cleansing process. This potent formula is satisfaction guaranteed to help cleanse your Gallbladder & Kidneys quickly and naturally.








How Cleanse Drops works to cleanse the body. *Results may vary

Why Cleanse Drops Beat Pills:

Liquid drops are 85% more effective than pills & capsules. *Results may vary


Multiple medical studies have shown that liquid extracts absorb at a much higher rate than capsules.* What this means to you is that when taking a high quality liquid extract such as Cleanse Drops you are guaranteeing yourself the highest amount of active ingredient to your body as is possible giving you the greatest possible chance of success!



The reason tablets and capsules take so long to work is that the tablet must first be broken down and digested before the it can begin to take effect. Much of the substance gets wasted during digestion, and the process takes much longer. Also, if you happen to have digestive difficulties you could even be wasting the entire supplement!*


Pills Absorption Rate:

15% Nutrient Absorption in 20 - 30 Seconds


Liquid Absorption Rate:

87% Nutrient Absorption in 20 - 30 Seconds

† 1 Physician’s Desk Reference (page 1542, #49).

 † PH Bennett, S Haffner, BL Kasiske, WF Keane, CE, National Advisory Board, - Am J Kidney Dis, 1995.

Revue/Journal Title “The effects of slugging and recompression on pharmaceutical excipients’ International Journal of Pharmaceutics ISSN 0378-5173 CODEN IJPHDE Source/Source 1995, vol. 115, no1, pp. 35-43 (9 ref.).

Recent Success Stories Submitted By Our Customers' Actual Experiences With Cleanse Drops

*Results may vary. Always consult your doctor before taking on new supplements

"I'm feeling 50% less pain"

- Noberto G. (1/05/15)

"You have saved me from surgery"

- Elisa O. (1/05/15)

"Been taking them ever since"

- Mark F. (1/02/15)

"It is helping me drastically"

- Ross B. (12/28/14)

"I feel very good no pain or discomfort"

- Jose R. (12/18/14)

"90% of my pain was gone"

- John M. (12/13/14)

"It was a perfect solution for me"

- Laura (12/10/14)

"I'm proud to say I have no more pain"

- Janet L. (12/10/14)

"It's amazing. I thank God for it every day"

- Jeanie B. (12/03/14)

Customer Name: Richard Rockwell (10/28/14)


I had pain under my right lower rib. Thinking it was gall stones or liver stones, I started searching the www for ideas on helping get rid of the nagging pain. Although it was not extreme, it let me know it was there 24-7. I ordered your drops thinking they could break up any stones causing me this discomfort. After 3 weeks I had to try to remember why I was taking the drops. I am pleased to say no pain since, thats about 4 weeks ago. I am 62 years young and figured I could be a candidate for stones. Thank You for a product that WORKS!!!!! Richard

Customer Name: Lary Epstein (10/29/14)


I feel like so far the product has helped to some level. I will continue to use and see how things turn out. Thank you

Customer Name: N/A (10/27/14)


I have had my Gallbladder removed almost 20yrs ago. have always felt as though there was inflammation and my abdomen was hard as a rock all the time. no matter what I did for exercise and eating healthy, nothing seemed to help it go down. tried enemas, colonics, supplements. it has been a month now since cleanse drops and my abdomen is finally softening. in general I have felt a sense of well being. I feel this product can help no matter what the issue is. change name and email.

Customer Name: Robert McLaughlin (10/26/14)


Within a week I began to notice the nausea and dizziness begin to fade. I am not completely free of pain and nausea but I can definitely tell the difference. I'm hoping this Cleanse will clear the gallstones and that there will be no more pain and nausea.

Customer Name: Juliane Nelson (10/25/14)


I was having severe gallbladder attacks and needed to have surgery. I was out of town and couldn't get back to my Dr for a couple of months. I was looking for any natural product to help with the pain until I could return home to have the surgery. To my surprise I used cleanse drops and they really worked. I am now at home and do not have to have the surgery. I do keep up the maintenance drops until I can change my diet. So worth it to not have to have surgery. I totally recommend this product. It really does work wonders!

Customer Name: Robert Donnel (10/23/14)


To whom it concerns: In 1986 i was diagnosed w/a thyroid condition known as hyperparathyroidism...which causes calcium to not be absorbed into the bones but instead causes kidney stones as a result. In 1994, as a result of this condition i experienced an acute kidney stone attack in my left kidney which caused extreme pain that cannot described unless experienced! I underwent the standard medical protocol which involved being paralyzed from the waist down in order to crush the stones by way of ultrasound-not a pleasant experience at all! In 2012, i was diagnosed w/a stone in my right kidney the size of a golf ball which required three separate procedures to address and a 12 day hospital i have extensive experience w/this matter. I have tried numerous alternative therapies but cleanse drops seem to be the most effective at this point at relieving the discomfort i have suffered to this day...I am very pleased currently w/this product and will continue to use it as long as it is available. This product has truly been a Godsend! I will keep you posted as to further improvement after continued use...Again thank you for a excellent product! RD!

Customer Name: Rev. Julius Roberts (10/17/14)


I had hurting in my gall bladder and the treatment seem to do what you said it would do. I used the bath room a lot and that seem to relieve my problem. I still have some discomfort, but that is because I had a heart attack last April and I have not got over it yet. I'm doing fine now and thank you for your product. Julius Roberts

Customer Name: Bonnie Allen (10/29/14)


I was diagnosed with gallstones. I felt some psychological relief finally knowing what was causing my pain but I was not looking forward to surgery and hoped that there was another option. My doctors could not offer any other option so I started looking around. I purchased the Cleanse Drops and started the regiment. During the first week I only had one bout with pain and have been pain free ever since.

Customer Name: Anne Merrifield (10/28/14)


This was recommended to me by a friend who had much success with the product. It shrunk it gall stones and relieved him of his pain. I have not had any attacked since started the program.. I m trying this so I will not have to have surgery.

Customer Name: Brittany Brumley (10/26/14)


I'm 26 yrs old and have suffered with gallstones/gallbladder disease for at least 7 years. Once or twice every few months I would end up in the ER with pain so intense my blood pressure was at stroke level. They'd give me pain and nausea meds and send me home. While I had 3 ways to die from my gallbladder, my infection and fever was not bad enough to warrant emergency surgery, it would have to be elective. Surgery was not an option for me, and as my family has always been big on natural medicine, I began to do my research. Thank God I discovered these drops, within an hour of taking them I began to pass gallstones and have continued passing them regularly....I'm only on day 3 of my doses!!! Of course I can't say that it would work for everyone but for me personally they have literally been a miracle in a bottle. I am a person that is very resistant to things, especially medicinal things so believe me, I went into this very desperate, knocking on deaths door desperate, but skeptical at the same time. I have been more than pleased, beyond grateful, and would recommend these to anyone!

Customer Name: Peter M (10/25/14)


Starting taking Product for two weeks. Have not had any pains as of yet. Seems to be working.

Customer Name: Raul Rocha (10/24/14)


Feeling better, will continue taking Cleanse Drops until I run out. Did not want to look forward to more surgery. Will recommend this product to friends & family . Thank - You

very much for a great product that really works.

Customer Name: John Bertotti (10/23/14)


Wow is all I can say, I have not had an attack in a very long time. This product is awesome.

Customer Name: Greg Brown (10/21/14)


10 years ago I went through surgery at the cost of over $10,000 +. I hoped that I would never go through that again. But guess what, I was wrong. Last year I passed a couple stones and I used apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Helped a little. This year I was suffering both sides passing stones. Even passed blood and got infection. I used your drops and after a week and a half I started to feel so much better. Went to Doc for the infection and he said to keep using your drops if they seem to be working. I want to thank my brother who told me about this herb. I also want thank you for producing this herb in a liquid drops because you get so much more than pills can give you. It goes faster to your system than pills. I'm feeling 100% better than I have in 4 months. Thanks Again

Customer Name: Cartlon Ross (10/15/14)


The drops took a lot of the pain away. I was able to get out of the bed and walk as before I couldn't. They made a big difference.

Customer Name: Tracy Gunnels (10/15/14)


My symptoms were rather moderate. I had heard a couple people get diagnosed with gallbladder issues... some had surgery... some did not. I thought it sounded like what mine could be, so being the ANTI BIG PHARMA/supplement person that I am, I decided to give this a try. After a few days, I realized that I hadn't experienced any of the symptoms anymore.

Customer Name: Frank Frisaura (10/15/14)


I have been pain free from day one that I started taking the cleanse drops. Can't tell you how great I feel. Thanks, Frank

Customer Name: Steve Kastel (10/7/14)


I started taking cleanse drops and in about one week I didn't feel any pain whatsoever no symptoms but when I went to the doctor they said it was 9 1/2 mm and so I still had to do the surgery but I will continue to use the cleanse drops to make sure I don't get any more kidney stones and thank you for a good product.

Customer Name: Terence Kearney (10/14/14)


Was a little skeptical, but impressed with results. Would recommend it to friends.

Customer Name: Milton Margai (10/8/14)


This product is very effective,being taken it for about a month. surgery was to be performed on the 7th of october, no stones were found, amazing !

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    Customer Name: Susan Tehranchi (10/3/14)


    I noticed that the nature of my stools were different - it seemed as though the stones are dissolving and appearing as an 'oily stool'. I shall continue to take the drops on a regular basis as I have not had a repeat attack since starting them and something is definitely 'happening' in the bathroom department!

    Customer Name: Marilyn Lehman (10/2/14)


    I was in so much pain from kidney stones, I finally went to emergency room. They took a urine sample and did a CT scan and found a rather large (but not TOO large to pass) stone and then they gave me drugs. Hydrocodone and ibuprophen for pain, Flomax to help flush out the stones, and a nausea & vomiting pill to stop my vomiting. I had brown urine and brown vomit! Well, I got the cleanse about 2 days later and right after I started taking the cleanse drops in water I got relief in pain and passed 2 more stones. I was so much better. I was diagnosed with "hypercalcemia" last year and had been having kidney stones off and on since. Also, all of a sudden my xrays showed calcium in my joints - osteoarthritis. I have such low bone density I am very afraid to fall. I am "waiting" for my GP doctor to put together all my symptoms and figure out I have hyperparathyroid. She has arranged for me to see an endocrinologist by the end of this month. So its a start. But those cleanse drops sure did save my sanity! Thank you so very much for a really helpful product!



    Customer Name: James Ryan (10/6/14)


    I have 4 kidney stones in my left kidney and i was feeling pain in that area. I have had a history of kidney stones and the last 3 times they have had to be blasted. That is an extremely uncomfortable feeling with some pain. I have been using the Cleanse Drops for 2 weeks and the pain has left me kidney area and I hope that I will be able to pass the stones naturally now.

    Customer Name: Melanie Schmidt (10/2/14)


    I started this cleanse because I was told my bloating/digestive issues were from my gall bladder area. I decided to see if this would help. I never really had cramping or pain prior to starting but could tell something was "off" digestive speaking. I started with 20 drops diluted with water in the morning before food. Things seemed well. I did get some gas symptoms. Then I took the drops for a 2nd time in the afternoon (now twice daily) on the 4th day without water dilution straight from the dropper. I got a head ache and felt really strange. I stopped taking them for a few days. I started up again only using 12 or so drops diluted in water once a day in the morning only. So far I have not felt funny nor have I gotten a head ache so I will continue to use in this fashion and see what happens. I'm not very big, only 110 lbs and since I didn't have any huge symptoms prior to starting I may not have needed as large a dose as suggested by the product so it took some trial & error to figure out. Overall though I KNOW this is changing something as my bowels are very different and I am curious to see how I feel after the bottle is done. I also don't mind the taste at all and it's very easy to use this product. The coconut cleanse caps are a great accompaniment to this and I will continue to use them!

    Customer Name: Rhonda Roach (9/27/14)


    I was having pretty regular pain in the upper right quadrant under the rib cage. It seemed to occur after eating. I self diagnosed it a gallbladder issue. On a whim I purchased your product as well as taking acid reducer pill, fasting for several hours and lost some weight and tried to do a gluten free diet. I did seem like I was experiencing a cleanse most every time I went to the restroom. I'm mostly pain free now and have reintroduced gluten and I feel so much better. I've only been using your product for about 2-3 weeks at most, so I'm going to continue it for about 1 month or so and see how I feel.

    Customer Name: Valerie Armstrong (9/24/14)


    I was having severe pain in my upper right abdomen. I went to Urgent Care & was told to schedule a scan for the week coming up. Also, doctor wanted me to go on Prilosec, "in case it was heartburn or acid reflux". I'm almost 60 years old.... I know what heartburn feels like, and this pain was nothing like heartburn or acid reflux. I decided to do some research on my own, and saw an article about Cleanse Drops. I decided to order them, and give it a try. I started taking them the day they arrived and within a week my pain went from severe to a dull ache. In the meantime my doctor's office called to schedule the do a. I had the scan yesterday, and no sign of gallstones. I believe the Cleanse Drops dissolved the stones, and the dull ache I am feelin is a result of the stones being in my gallbladder for a while. I plan to continue taking the drops for maintenance..I don't ever want to feel that pain again.

    Customer Name: Holly Whistman (9/10/14)


    I followed the instructions to the letter for a week, even eating a vegan diet along with the drops. By the end of the week I had an very large bowel movement and found the toilet full of little yellow "kernels" that looked like corn. From that time on, my pain under my right breast, nausea, and other symptoms have disappeared. It was only when I went back to eating other foods that my symptoms came back but only lightly. I'm on the 20-drop, every week for 3-5 days a week for maintenance. I've had numerous surgeries in my life and it seemed after each one, my body didn't recover as easily. I was glad that I found a means to avoid gall bladder surgery that seems to run in our whole family.

    Customer Name: Tina Poly (8/25/14)


    My husband age 46, suffers from Kidney stones (runs in his family, father and older brother) suffer from this as well. The last episode he had was 2 years ago but stone was 10mm in size and could not be passed had to have the shock wave lithotripsy procedure. He has been watching his diet as he has been told by his doctor but he still has this problem. He has been drinking lemonade , apple juice anything acidic like recommended but nothing. He has been prescribed pain killers each time and he hates taking them. Sometimes they don't even help and absolutely can't stand how they make him feel. This time around x-rays revealed he had two stones. I was searching the web and came across Cleanse Drops told my husband about it and said, "he had nothing to lose but the stones". After taking the drops that first week it really helped with the pain he could finally sleep and work and what's most important he passed the stones not 2 but 3 of them just before the third week. We recommended Cleanse Drops to his brother and father. My husband is really grateful that he didn't have to take any pain meds. He just used the Cleanse Drops alone he still can't believe it, but he is extremely content with the results.

    Customer Name: Margaret Mattern (7/22/14)


    I had surgery to remove gallstones in my bile duct and was told I need to have my gallbladder removed. I decided to go a natural way and needed a liquid because of pancreas problems. I ordered the cleanse drops and took it 3 times a day. After six weeks I could see strange stuff when flushing the toilet!!!! I now take the drops 3 times a week. Thank you for this wonderful product. Margaret

    Customer Name: Joan Dias (7/14/14)


    When I first took Cleanse Drops I saw a little bit of green in my stool. After that I have not passed any stones. Cleanse Drops is good for relieving the symptoms of gall stones.

    Customer Name: Kristina Clark (7/10/14)


    I have some large gallstones. I am not wanting to get my gallbladder out and this seemed like a good option to try. I have to say I am feeling much better. I think some of the stones are breaking up as I feel some movement there in the area on the right side of my ribcage. I know it is going to take some time and I have changed my diet drastically in the last 9 months and have tried some other products but this seems to be helping alot! Lets put it this way..I am having alot less discomfort and am feeling better in general and I know that changing my diet and staying away from fried foods, coffee, sugar and red meats has helped and I do think this product is helping also. I will keep taking it. Thanks so much!

    Customer Name: Samantha DeVroom (7/9/14)


    Without cleanse drops my body would not have gotten healthy enough for me to get pregnant. my husband and i had been trying to get pregnant for a long time. but i also severely suffered from gallstones witch made my body very unhealthy. then i found cleanse drops. a month later after starting this cleanse i found out i was pregnant. yay! if it wasnt for this product i would not have gottten my body healthier then it had been in a long time. Thank you so much to those who discovered this wonderful plant.

    Customer Name: Lynn Schraub (6/29/14)


    the taste was like tea and I knew it was doing something because my skin was getting clearer and was very soft and of course the pain symptoms was decreasing day by day . I could actually feel the passing of the blockage to be lighter and lighter. I highly recommend a low to no fat diet with this use to be affective faster and of course to watch the fat intake to keep the filters in the body clearer.

    Customer Name: Harry Hawley (9/29/14)


    Yes this product works very well, it took about 2 wks. And my stones were gone. Thats right they were gone and the pain went away in about 1 day. I would recommend this product to anyone with kidney stones. You will not be disappointed it was a god send,thank you cleansecaps.

    Customer Name: Ahmed Shaik (9/27/14)


    Used to suffer with pain every day and Doctor suggested surgery. Started using the cleansing drops from Aug 22nd and it is effective immediately and got pain only once in the duration of one and half month. I am satisfied with the product and I would recommend to the people who suffer from the Gallstone pain.

    Customer Name: John Lewis (9/13/14)


    Had an incredibly painful episode morning after a fatty beef dinner. Thought I would pass out or die just from the abdominal pain. Things settled with one more episode a few days later. Doctor tested for h pylori which was negative. Ultra sound showed gall stones. Recommended surgery for stones or gall bladder removal. Found your product. Have not seen "elimination" visually that others have but have had no recurrence. Losing weight - a blessing. Plan to go back for another ultra sound for confirmation of clearing. So disappointed that medical profession goes right for high dollar, high risk, highly destructive solution without at least an attempt to accommodate natural self healing like your product.

    Customer Name: Marinor Manyel (8/29/14)


    Your product is excellent! It relieves my discomfort and pain. Thank You so much ! I really dont want to go for surgery so I tried to research in the Internet for a gallstone elimination and Thanks God I found your product. I will recommend your product to my family and friends! Thank you again for this product it help me a lot ! God Bless!

    Customer Name: David McMullen (8/28/14)


    I was having abdominal discomfort felt bloated and worse after eating. I began to have just slight pain in my right side just under the ribs. I suspected gall stones, so I looked around the internet to see what kinds of treatments might be available. I found Cleanse Drops and decided to give it a try. I felt noticeably better after 4 days. I've decided to stick to my improved lower fat diet, take in more water and continue using Cleanse Drops as a preventive. It works. Thank you!

    Customer Name: Robert Cummings (8/19/14)


    If you have ever had a kidney stone you know, as I did, how severe the pain can be and how it can make your life really miserable, especially when you are away from home working or on vacation. That is why I carry Cleanse Drops with me and use them when I feel anything like a symptom of kidney stones. They seem to eliminate the pain that is coming on and probably is related to a stone. It has worked for me and made my pain go away and my life a whole lot better, especially when I am away from home. I highly recommend carrying Cleanse Drops with you. They have been a real comfort for me!

    Customer Name: Viorica Prajescu (7/20/14)


    I discovered that I had gallstones and my doctor recommended surgery. I started searching for natural treatment and came across cleanse drops. I ordered and started taking it right away. My pain and symptoms went away. Prior to discovering I had gall stones I had a lot of pain, almost to the point to go to emergency. Very happy with the cleanse drops. Will continue to take so the stones won't come back.

    Customer Name: Cynthia Burgess (7/12/14)


    About two years ago, I had a gallbladder stone so large it perforated the gallbladder. And caused me to have to have my gallbladder removed. And since then I have had pain/discomfort in the area including spasms. Just about every time I ate anything caused discomfort.


    Since I started taking cleanse drops, all my discomfort and pain have gone away.



    Cynthia L. Burgess

    Customer Name: Ben Wang (7/10/14)


    You will notice the difference and feel the gallbladder is starting to work again. I would introduce Cleanse drops to anyone who suffer from gallstone discomfort issue.

    Customer Name: Peter Pigon (6/30/14)


    The first time I took the Cleanse Drop I felt like it was going to work with me. 2 days later I felt more at ease and doesn't feel the pain anymore. I have taken other brands before and to no avail it didn't help me at all and I was desperate until I've read about Cleanse Drop and started using it. Thank you.

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